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Insomnia54 is just round the corner, here at we have hired a gang of ninjas to follow round all the teams and report back to us and with their help have composed a quick preview of the teams attending this LAN, the staff, casters & information about where to follow.



Support:   Meep

Support:       Welp

Carry:          Kundral 

Offlane:      Spoofs

Mid:             Gator

 The UK all star line up unites to yell at each other in game, discuss anime and hopefully live up to their expectation of placing top 2 at i54 without driving Gator to suicide first. Spies for have been able to confirm they have a very impressive scrim win percentage against some impressive EU teams. This team is most definitely one of the favourites to win with this team effectively being two very impressive teams (The Rock & Denzel) with one of the strongest UKIHL players Gator. 

Notable lolicon Welp had the following to say about his team:  

"I hope meep and spoofs find their feed switches and turn them off "

- Welp



Support:      Infernokoi

Support:          Mute242

Carry:    watsons_water

Offlane:              Soodle

Mid:                 1cHiGo_

Ichigo brings a group of familiar faces to LAN with his flexible line up.  Much is expected of the team after several members achieved 6K in the run up to LAN.  Spectators will be hopefully anticipating the Infernokoi Slardar and at least one game of Mute Vengeful Spirit. Ichigogogogo has a very impressive run in the recent ESL UK series, winning many of the weekly and monthly cups. Whilst newcomer to the team Mute most likely will bring some fresh perspective to the team's drafts and playstyle, we will have to see how exactly this team has adapted to it's new member & how they will do at their first LAN event as a team.

"With all the top UK memers gathering for this event, this really is cracking up to be a great iseries certainly not to be missed! With no good EU teams making a showing (huehue) and no xy- (though i believe we have a new superstar SEA player playing for dread under the name of Mushi) we may finally be able to crown a UK team as the winners of iseries for the first time in forever. Couple all this with a celebrity casting lineup (world famous Rusts and OD) I'm not sure what more we could ask for! Cyu@LAN!"

 - 1cHiGo_


Dread's Other Corner Shop Crew

Support:     DreadKnight

Support:                 Shoe

Carry:                 Gronors

Offlane:                 Antab

Mid:               Kappaccino

Dread once again teams up with Antab, Gronors and Shoe with newcomer Kappaccino measuring up on the middle lane.  The team is expected to either finish top 4 or fall apart as Dread disappears to get drunk instead of playing the elimination matches. This team is extremely interesting however as the rumour mill is really spinning. can confirm that they are favourites to win the UKDota Stomach Pump award this LAN, talking to certain members that say they've been training for literally years for this event.

"I doubt my team is even going to be at LAN"



"This is not on me"


Choke Gaming

 Support:                           Dae

Support:             Logarthymic

Carry:                           Doopz

Offlane:     xXxLog_ReeperxXx

Mid:                  Nepalii_Jesus

Previously known as Jesus+4, Choke Gaming are looking to achieve what they came so close to doing at Epic.14 as they lost to JOHN_SMEDLEY after storming the first 2 games in a Best of 5 final.  Nepali has been taking practice to a whole new level after flying out to Hong Kong to experience Chinese pubs and attempt a new losing streak record in the process.  Choke Gaming have been practicing hard since epic.FOURTEEN and we are hoping to see some interesting strategies from their captain Dae as his innovative drafts definitely took JOHN_SMEDLY by surprise at epic.FOURTEEN.

When asked for a quote Doopz responded with more questions.  If he is choking on such simple tasks it does not bode well for his team at LAN.


Devine eSports

Support:        DaiWales

Support:           Shupter

Carry:                 Pomfis

Offlane:          RaiderBee

Mid:                   SimSim

Newly sponsored following their 3rd place at Epic.14, Devine eSports have three new players in their roster and an appetite to continue proving themselves at i54. Picking up some relatively high MMR players this LAN, DaiWales looks to be a contender for the top 3 spots once again after his impressive debut at epic.FOURTEEN. Let's see how well this new team gels together despite their lack of experience. Check out our post for more information on their recent sponsorship!

Epic.LAN saw the debut of WAOW Gaming in the LAN environment. Finishing third we wanted to improve and push for a similar finish at the tougher iSeries. However, the inevitable roster changes happened leading to us spending significant time finding replacement members, with the most-recently-drafted player being accepted only a week before the start of the LAN. Yet all is not doom and gloom with the sponsorship of Devine eSports providing keen motivation to perform. The question is, will our lack of practice in our current form show at LAN, or will we hit our potential and cause a few upsets? Who knows for sure, but I would consider us to still be establishing ourselves and perhaps one to look out for in the future. We are looking forward already to banning Troll every game again.

- DaiWales


Rasta. A Owl

Support:        Snubs

Support:        Sagea

Carry:         DM_God

Offlane:      Spaaada

Mid:          MontSta^

MontSta^ seems to change his team more than Danny D messages Korok per day. With another new lineup coming into this LAN that's rumoured to be stronger than the last two iterations of Rasta. A Owl, with an impressive 5th place at epic.FOURTEEN this team is definitely one to watch to cause some upsets against some of the top teams.

I think my team will do well at lan, in the hearthstone competition and will become champion nando's eaters all while retaining the title for most hungover team on friday.

- MontSta^


Obscene eSports 


Just Kidding 


No Flameboy 2012

Support:   Flameboy 2012

Support:               Monhay

Carry:                 Genoooo

Offlane:                  Zealos

Mid:                         Tenali

No Flameboy return once again to iSeries, after Monhay's brief stint on WOAW Gaming where he picked up 3rd place at Epic.Fourteen.

"We're probably just going to do what we always do, sneak through the groups then get beat by the real teams before having an internal argument about whether we should've thrown the group to try and win the icecream"

- Monhay


Dread's Corner Shop Crew

Support:   Fuzzy

Support:  Kaneo

Carry:        Decco

Offlane:     Soup

Mid:         Hanako

Hoping to improve on an embarrassing performance at i53 where the team won games purely through defaults (an unfortunate side effect of previously playing for Beyond Defeat), the Corner Shop Crew have two new members and a fresh supply of towels prepared for I-54.  Unfortunataly mid player and IHL celebrity Caspah was unable to attend so Hanako agreed to join the team.  He had the following to say:

"I was surprised it was not an OSU lan I was attending considering what my team has been practicing"

- Hanako



Support:  Element-

Support:     iceberg

Mid:        Shocolate

Carry:          Laowai

Offlane:           Nyze 

Captained by UKDota's newest most hated foreigner, Druidz is a relatively formidable European team that have achieved much in the way of the overall scene, being a division 2 JDL team and placing well consistently in qualifiers and online tournaments alike. Whilst they're primarily European however they do own UKDota's own Element- who attended & won ireLAN with Antab & DreadKnight. They are definitely a contender for the winners of this LAN, playing an extremely aggressive style that could do very well against UKDota's typically passive playstyle.

"What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Swedish Special Forces, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on UK lans, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in adminning LAN events and I’m the top event organiser in the entire Swedish special forces. You are nothing to me but just another admin. I will fucking clap you at LAN with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me about tournament rules? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of 6k players across EUW and your event is being DDOS'd right now, so you better fucking prepare for the storm kid. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your LAN. You’re fucking done, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can beat you mid in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with Queen of Pain. Not only am I extensively trained in middle lane warfare, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Swedish Special Forces and I will use it to its full extent to make a better ruleset for this LAN, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking done, kiddo."

- laowai

There are several other teams playing at I54 that we were unfortunately unable to source full rosters or quotes for.  Some of them may be able to spring a surprise and make us look like fools for not writing them a segment.










Once again we have 3 casters for the event. They will all be casting to TwitchTV™ which can be found here

Rusts has created a preview video ahead of the event 

LAN veteran Joeshow returns once again to cast Dota2.  We're very grateful for his continued work and support for the UKdota scene.

A UK caster enjoying something of a breakthrough into the international scene following his work with BTS and personalities such as Admiral Bulldog, ODPixel will be reforming his partnership from i53 where he worked alongside JoeShow.


Rusts was kind enough to let us know his feelings on Casting his first I-series.

"I am excited to be casting i54 along side joeshow and ODpixel. After attending i52 and realizing that playing is for chumps i will now get to enjoy the pleasures of the lan experience from a casters vantage point"




Kenwyne returns once again to admin a UKDota tournament, we're not entirely sure why he continues to do this but at this point we suspect someone in the community must possess incriminating photos.  We pray they are never released or we may be forced to accept laowai as our new tournament admin.  He is joined once again by Sarah aka SJG who has adminned the past two I-series.

He had the following to say: 

"I remain unsure as to why my opinion is important, but I suppose I should thank Soup for putting this probably terrible proof-read article together and wish everyone the best of luck for LAN!"

- Kenwyne 

How to follow

The Insomnia54 Emerge Dota2 Tournament will be broadcast to, make sure you follow multiplay on twitter and pay attention to the subreddit across the weekend for updates!




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