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Inhouse League Update!

Elder Titan

IHL has had a great first week, with plenty of games being played each night (Varies between 1 - 3 concurrent games) and lots of new and old faces being involved.  I'm sure this will continue over the Christmas period because we're all nerds around here! 


Current Standings 

The current leaderboard is as follows:

Pos. Name MMR Win Loss
1. Meep 1409 39 23
2. Dae 1333 17 9
3. Watsons Water 1330 11 3
4. Kappacino 1317 26 20
5. Infernokoi 1314 14 7
6. 1cHiGo_ 1296 19 14
7. fowdall 1286 11 5
8. Burge 1283 3
9. Mute242 1283 10 5
10. bw197 1264 11 7

The real story here being Meep's recent plunge in MMR (Yes, he was that far ahead). Meep was absolutely dominating the IHL with creative & aggressive drafts combined with good leadership all up until yesterday. Up until yesterday Meep managed to achieve a score of 1500+ rating, almost 200 above anyone, it looked like Meep could be unbeatable this season until he lost over 100 MMR in consecutive games. Have players worked out Meep's strategies? Has Meep's reign come to an end? We'll have to see.

Dae is a close second with 1333 points. Dae is one of our resident 6000~ MMR players, he plays with Jesus + 4 in the support role (Although it's been rumoured that he's moved to offlane) & he has been playing an outstanding variety of roles in the IHL, really showing his versatility as a player. 

Watson's Water used to play on the team IchiGOGOGO as the carry role and if that wasn't impressive enough of a résumé, he has managed to maintain a solid 78% win rate which is much better than the top two spots - Could this season be Watsons Water's? If his win rate continues I can see him taking the top spot easily.

The leaderboard overall has a lot of 1250~ MMR players! If you haven't started playing yet you could easily get onto the leaderboards as you start at 1200 MMR! It's extremely exciting having such competition for the top 3. IHL Season 2 Awards

So far, we've got the 3 top spots getting a monetary prize and the "Most Improved Player" receiving a Dominos Pizza. We've had a few ideas for other awards however it is my pleasure to announce today another award for the end of the season!

Worst Play of the Season

This is...Exactly what it sounds like! If someone makes an absolutely awful play, really worthy of being seen by more people it is almost your obligation now to submit it to us. A prank prize that will be announced soon will be given to the winner (can we really consider them a winner?) of this prize and in addition to this, a Fails of the IHL video will be put together. 

Submissions should go to in the form:

Subject:  [MatchID]

Body: [#] [Timestamp] - [Description (Optional)]

And remember to attach the replay to the email otherwise we won't be able to watch it! To find your replays folder, go to SteamFolder\SteamApps\Common\Dota 2 beta - They are organised by Match ID.

If you have multiple submissions form the same game include them in the same email!

Example Email:

Subject: 1108790807


1. 10:49 - Void Chronos his entire team and gets them all killed with the Phoenix Ultimate

2. 31:49 - Magnus RPs the floor, refreshes and then skewers onto a cliff 

Other Awards & Where you can help

We'd also love to do more awards and potentially if we get enough interest do a streamed awards ceremony (Given enough interest & time) however we need more ideas for awards that would be interesting. Please post them in the Reddit thread or as a comment on this article directly.

We'd also love to hear any feedback you've got for the IHL on top of this.

 Thanks for playing and I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!



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