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ESL UK Partners with Epic.LAN

ESL UK Epic.LAN promo


ESL UK and Epic.LAN are excited to announce their new partnership today, this partnership will get the ball rolling with a Dota 2 LAN event at Epic.TWELVE with a guaranteed prize pool of £3,000 in February 2014.

The ESL UK Community manager, Peter Mather had this to say:

This new partnership will be beneficial to both of our collective communities and the greater competitive scene as a whole.

We’ve always been long-time supporters of the epic.LAN initiative, they bring something unique to the competitive scene that is sorely missing and we simply want to help them reach the next level in their natural evolution.

Epic.LAN re-established their roots within the UK gaming scene back in 2009 and have been championing gaming ever since. Starting out from humble beginnings, the event has quickly soared in popularity, seeing hundreds of gamers attracted by affordable ticket pricing, efficient tournament organization and a strong community focus.

Jon Winkle, Managing Director for epic.LAN stated:

These really are exciting times for both epic.LAN and the eSports scene in the UK as a whole. Our partnership, and the passion for high quality competitive gaming from both parties, gives DOTA 2 a huge opportunity to develop in the UK to the level it really deserves.

The partnership is hoped to help expand the competitive Dota 2 community within the United Kingdom.

Peter Mather commented:

The plan is to roll out a series of offline Dota 2 events throughout 2014, creating a consistent flow of competition, though this will be hugely determined by the interest shown at our first event in February.

Jon Winkle closed their announcement with this to say:

It may not be The International but with epic.LAN and ESL UK working together, we are going to show the community what we are really capable of! We look forward to both epic.TWELVE and our continuing co-operation with ESL UK.

The £3,000 Dota 2 competition will be open to teams who have purchased an epic.LAN Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) ticket, granting participants access to not only the ESL Dota 2 competition but full access to the epic.LAN event itself.

Sign-ups are due to open on on Sunday 24th November, priced at £60.00 per ticket. Limited turn up and play (TuP) upgrades are due to be announced over the course of the up-coming week.





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