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Good Luck to Reason Gaming at ESWC!

Reason Gaming

The newly revamped Reason Gaming Dota 2 team will be making their LAN debut tomorrow in the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris. Reason's first match will be against Zero Respect, a team playing in their home country. Group stages will be tough for Reason, Empire in particular. However we at will be supporting them to see them pull through group stages and into the playoffs.

Reason will be playing the French teams, Zero Respect (as previously mentioned), the Russian Team Empire, the Indonesian Minion and the Algerian Anarchist. An in-game ticket can be bought here. Games will be starting early tomorrow morning so they aren't at the best time for many of the British fans to cheer for Reason, however if you are off work/school sick or on holiday I would encourage you to tune in. More information can be found on ESWC's website.

Disclaimer: does not encourage calling in sick when you are in good health.


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