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Ogre Magi

No we aren’t playing World of Warcraft so no need to worry but with the introduction of the Guild System into Dota 2 we have gotten our Guild up and running thanks to PyrionFlax and CyborgMatt and we are ready for people to come along. Unfortunately unlike the Chat room you will need to contact an officer of the guild (Generally all UKDota Admins) for an invite into this guild. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see many people come forth into the guild. It makes it easier to establish parties and chat (and it’s finally moderated!).

In other news, the Plantronics GamesCom Cup Series in association with Multiplay & will continue as usual this Sunday, be sure to check regularly for more info regarding the series and future cups and we hope to see many of you participating!

Make sure you drop by Plantronic’s GameCom facebook page and give them a like in return for their support of Dota 2! You can earn double points by letting them know who sent you!

We hope to see many of you join the Guild and pubstomp together! Happy Ganking.


  • Eidur von Reichenbach | 8 years ago

    where can i find the admins for the guild?


  • AllPick | 8 years ago

    I talked to w'll via steam chat and he gave me an invite that did not work. Is there any remedy for this? 

    I assume there are others that have successfuly joined the guild?



  • d0notdisturb | 8 years ago

    Could I get an invite to the guild ? Dont really know where I should apply for an invite. :X

  • Ripexz | 8 years ago

    To all who want an invite to the guild:
    Since we can't do it outside of the game without adding everyone to friends, your best bet is to go into the game and ask for an invite in the UKDota chat channel. If any of the guild officers are online, you'll get an invite! (You've better chances in the evenings :D )

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