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i49 Online Qualifier Finals date change!

Insomnia49 Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier

Due to Valve releasing the schedule for The International, the dates and times for our online qualifier finals have been slightly changed.

The finals will now take place over both Saturday the 3rd of August and Sunday the 4th rather than exclusively the Sunday planned previously.

Saturday the 3rd of August:

11.00 BST - 14.00 BST: Upper bracket Semi Final - BO3

14.00 BST - 17.00 BST: Upper bracket Final - BO3

14.00 BST - 15.00 BST: Lower Bracket 4th Round - BO1

15:00 BST - 16:00 BST: Lower Bracket 5th Round - BO1

Sunday the 4th of August:

12.00 BST: Lower bracket final - BO1

13.00 BST: Grand Final - BO3

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the change. Please ensure all team members are aware of the arrangements as soon as possible.

We’ve had a grueling weekend of group games come to a head with the strongest teams surviving. Honorable mentions go to t`Soodle from Team Ravioli for his Pudge play vs PPD (VOD) and the pure slugfest on display in the game between ‘Shoe stack’ and ‘Pause plz I’m lagging’ (VOD) in groups B & C respectively.

The groups have been the story of the statistical victory, with three way ties in all but one of the four groups. Poor Holy Cupcake was forced revisit his GCSE maths days factoring in GPM/XPM and Time scoring to equate the fairest possible result without doing play off games.

The final group standings are as below:

Group A W D L P   Group B W D L P
We Love Danny D 6 0 0 18   Callumyoloswag 5 0 1 15
TBNDFS 5 0 1 15   PPD 5 0 1 15
3 minute GG 4 0 2 12   Team Ravioli 5 0 1 15
Escaped Goats 3 0 3 9   BurnOut 3 0 3 9


Group C W D L P   Group D W D L P
BBQ Chicken eSports 5 0 0 15   `Az 5 0 0 15
Shoe Stack 3 0 2 9   TmF Gaming 3 0 2 9
PAUSE PLZ; i'm lagging 3 0 2 9   BGTS Throws 3 0 2 9
Smackdown Syndrome 3 0 2 9   Karnage 3 0 2 9

Now the true challenge awaits, the remaining teams will face off in the double elimination brackets which are being release tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd of July).

The VODs are available on Multiplays channel:

Groups day one. 

Groups day two.


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