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We make the move to Multiplay Teamspeak!

Multiplay Game Servers

UKDota are proud to announce that we are now affiliated with Multiplay; one of the most prestigious British gaming organisations. Multiplay was founded in 1997 and are a leading service provider to the games industry, a consultant and promoter to almost all major publishers, manufacturers and e-tailers, as well as being one of the UK's largest gaming event organisers. They are also a massive supporter of online gaming communities with over 7 million gamers playing on their servers every month. Multiplay grew from a fairly modest family business to a truly worldwide organisation with servers now located in; Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Multiplay also runs the grandest LAN series in the country: Insomnia, which will be their 49th event this August. The Insomnia Gaming Festival is hosted three times annually at the Telford International Centre. Competitive gaming has helped the Insomnia Gaming Festival grow to what it is today and Multiplay understands this, having given away over half a million pounds in prizes for games such as StarCraft II and Counter-Strike among others. Excitingly, Insomnia 49 will be the first event to have an official Dota 2 tournament with a prize pool of at least £2000, which is a fantastic way to kick-start the UK scene.

Multiplay offers business to business services too, including events for companies including but not limited to Warner Brothers, Samsung and Trion Worlds. Services offered also include Official servers to a number of high profile clients such as Eutechnyx, Unknown Worlds Entertainment and Torn Banner Studios.

We at are very excited to see where this relationship can take us and most importantly the community. We have recently started this with the Insomnia Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier, which is currently progressing excellently.

We hope that this relationship grows, as well as the community to provide a healthy UK eSports scene for all.

Be sure to join in on the fun at the new Teamspeak 3 server:


Password: ukdota

Or alternatively follow this link


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