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Plantronics Open Winner Brackets Final Round Up

Plantronics Open

Yesterday brought us a great game between Team Infused and GIFF ME MANA in which GMM gave us one of the most unusual drafts of the tournament to face off against Infused’s solid draft.





Team Infused






The game already proved to be interesting through the inclusion of Bristleback in the drafts however it was taken to the next level when GMM performed a level 1 Roshan kill. Middle lane was heavily one sided for GMM as OD has great dominance in a 1v1 match up propelled by the early level advantage from Roshan. Despite their great efforts on the side lanes however, Infused lost their Timbersaw to the Tri-lane giving first blood to the Bristleback.

Things began to take a turn for the worst for Infused as within a split second their Visage was killed bottom by a rotation from Lich whilst in mid-lane OD picked up a solo kill on the Nyx. Each of these kills for GMM placed them leaps and bounds ahead at this point. There were a few back and forth kills as the game settled down but GMM continued to maintain their dominant position and this was shown when GMM took Infused’s bottom barracks at 19 minutes. From this point it was just another 6 minutes death animation for Infused as they proceeded to lose another barracks 2 minutes with GMM confirming the win shortly after. VOD, cast by Mr Blakadder and durka.

The Lower Bracket games will continue to be played today and the winner of the Lower Bracket final will face GIEF ME MANA in the best-of-three Grand Final this Friday, the 22nd of November at 20:00 GMT. GIEF ME MANA will begin with a Winners Bracket advantage, meaning that their oponents will have to beat them twice to win the tournament and take home 5 sets of Plantronics RIG headsets.

You can keep track of the games and their victors on BinaryBeast.

PA art by Adam Wood


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