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Plantronics Open Playoffs Roundup

Plantronics Open

The Plantronics Open should be well and truly finished now however due to Dota 2 network issues, the games got delayed and as we fell behind the schedule meaning we could not wrap it up last night.

There is no need to worry though - the Lower Bracket games will be played out by the teams themselves throughout the week whereas the Winner Bracket Final and Grand Final will be officially scheduled and cast by Mr Blakadder and durka.

The Grand Final has not been scheduled yet but the Winner Bracket Final will be played this Wednesday, the 20th of November at 20:00 GMT. Team Infused will face off against GIEF ME MANA in a best-of-one final, so make sure to tune in and support your favourite team!

As for the games played out on Sunday, there were quite a few surprises. One of the tournaments favourites - Rasta Gaming lost their first game to Karnage eSports and dropped down to the Lower Bracket. It was a long and intense game as Karnage had a strong start but lost the advantage in mid-game however Rasta did not exploit their lead which in turn prolonged the game and allowed both teams to farm. Although Rasta’s Weaver played by Solrak seemed unstoppable, Karnage finally managed to focus him down and without Rasta’s strongest player they were unable to defend their ancient from a 5-man push from Karnage.

The other favourite - Wat A Stack also dropped down to the Lower Bracket in the Semi-final versus Team Infused. Both teams played extremely well, however Infused seemed to be one step ahead at all times. However both teams proceeded throughout the game quite gingerly, leading to quite a long game of Farming Simulator. However after killing Wat A Stack’s biggest threat - Shadowfiend played by Rime and winning a big teamfight in mid lane, Infused took their advantage and pushed to victory.

In the Lower Bracket we saw Taking Bobby and To The Trench fall out of the tournament, despite their excellent performances in the group stages where they both came 2nd in their respective groups. After a long and tiring game, Rasta Gaming also dropped out by losing the game to Whatever You Wish. Coming up in Round 4 we have Wat A Stack vs Kappa the Rapper and Karnage vs Whatever You Wish. As mentioned before, these games will be played out during this week and the brackets will be updated once the games have been played.

You can view the tournament brackets here.
VODs of the tournament can be found on Multiplay’s channel.

Note: The writer's views of tournament favourites do not represent the views of
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