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Plantronics Open - Day 2 Round-up

Plantronics Open

Groups for the Plantronics Open have concluded, of the teams that played only eight remain who will proceed to playoffs with the top teams from last weekend.

Group C

Group C was dominated by Rasta Gaming, taking out every other team effectively. Every game they played was won incredibly convincingly. In second came To The Trench, who were able to secure the second place spot with aggressive play only faltering to Rasta. Give IHL came third, after defeating Deaths Demise taking the remaining two places in playoffs, both teams played effectively but weren’t able to close as effectively as Rasta and TTT.

The teams that didn’t make it included Report Kwanny for Feed, who defeated both PUFF and Extraterrestrial, both of whom dropped out when offlane player Kwanny failed to feed. As a member of RKFF I feel that I must apologise and point out that he succeeded in feeding against plenty of other teams. I hope that we provided entertaining games.

Rasta are the team to watch from Group C next weekend.


Group D

Team Infused, as expected, demolished all the other teams in group D, facing a total of 5 teams and not dropping a game. We at are not surprised at this having seen their performances in other tournaments.

In second we have GIEF ME MANA, the mix that won our most recent Casual Cup have proved they’re worth a looking in next weekend and in the future. In third and fourth we have Whatever You Wish and DD3 who will be playing in brackets next weekend.

Finally we have the valiant efforts of Emperatus and Straight Face, the latter unfortunately were forced to forfeit the tournament.

We hope that as many of you as possible can join us next weekend for the final sixteen teams to find out who will win! I have my hunches of who will win, but it’s open for any of the teams to take. Who do you think will win?

Brackets will be published on Thursday, the 14th of November.

VODs of the tournament can be found on the Multiplay's channel, cast by Mr Blakadder and durka.
VODs of the secondary stream, cast by L2P casting can be found here.

PA art by Adam Wood


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