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Plantronics Open - Day 1 Round-up

Plantronics Open

The last of the dust has settled after Day 1 of the Plantronics Open and the 8 teams left standing will progress to the single elimination brackets on the 17th of November.

Group A

WAT a Stack completed a clean sweep of Group A, finishing the round robin group stage with a perfect score of 7-0.

Taking Bobby finished a respectable second, dropping points to WAT a Stack but otherwise maintaining a dominant route through the first day of the competition.

RaVi only dropped points to the two teams finishing ahead of them and combining some tidy support rotation with early pushing strategies to finish the stage 5-2, including a very co-ordinated win over Kappa The Rapper in Round 3, where the roaming combo of Venomancer and Earthshaker were used to excellent effect to shut down the Lich/Juggernaut dual lane mid.

Kappa the Rapper left it until the final game of the day to wrap up their progression by beating Chilllax, whose unconventional Meepo draft wasn’t enough to see off Kappa. Kappa didn’t waste time seeing off opposition all day though, with a facile victory 20 minute over Beyond The Horizon announcing their playoff intentions in the first game of the group.


Group B

Group B granted a more topsy-turvy progression to it’s members with 2 teams dropping early on Sunday morning and a third forfeiting their remaining matches early in the day, meaning that default wins galore were the order of the day.

Random Draft put in a solid days work to see themselves through to the elimination stages, with a flawless 7-0 score.

Vicious Dilirious and GENESIS both finished on 5-2 with GENESIS' superior head-to-head score seeing them progress in second place. GENESIS, who managed to beat almost everyone they faced, were unlucky to be on the receiving end of Coola’s wombo-combo in their second game, unable to provide an answer to a draft that included a massive amount of AOE and a truly terrifying combination of Faceless Void and Lich ultimates. They did however bounce back handily from that result and rounded out their day with a string of victories (with some incredible Queen of Pain play from Captain King in Round 4 a particular highlight), only dropping points to Random Draft in Round 5.

Rounding out the places in Group B are Karnage, who finish in 4th, managing that feat with 3 default victories and a hard fought win over The Puginators.


Groups C and D will fight it out next Sunday to reach the last 16, keep paying attention to for more information in the coming week.

VODs of the tournament can be found on the Multiplay's channel, cast by Mr Blakadder and durka.
VODs of the secondary stream, casted by L2P casting can be found here.

PA art by Adam Wood


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