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Update on the Inhouse League

Ogre Magi

Since we've had many people poke and prod various members of the staff, I decided to do a quick update for those who want to keep track of things. Furthermore, we have enabled Inhouse League applications to let you go through the whole process before we release it. All users who wish to participate will be required to fill out this application form.

Granted the application itself is quite miniscule, but it allows us to build a solid foundation for good moderation as we can turn down any unwanted people right away. This also lets us add people gradually so we can gradually increase the number of players and see how our servers handle the load.

As for the actual Inhouse League itself, there's still a few bugs here and there. There's also some new features we want to implement that weren't there before - for example multiple drafts happening at once. However we may start up the Inhouse League before everything is 100% complete and work from there.

Although I initially thought we'll have it ready around the end of this month, we've ran into a few annoying delays and we're expecting to start up the Inhouse League within the next 2 weeks and we'll allow about 50 people to test it for a few games, see what needs to be fixed and let more people in.

Lastly, we'd greatly appreciate if you could report any bugs you run into when registering for the Inhouse League or using our site in general.

On a side note, there are still 5 slots left in the Plantronics Open, so if you haven't yet registered your team, go for it!


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