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Plantronics Open

Plantronics Open

We at are proud to announce the imminent Plantronics Open tournament, cast by our own Mr Blakadder and durka. With the success we had with the Plantronics Invitational we decided to open our next tournament to any UK teams that want to enter. However, for this tournament we can only facilitate up to 32 teams which we expect to fill up very quickly.

The tournament will start with four groups of eight teams, playing a round robin format. The first stage of the tournament will take place on the 3rd and 10th of November, each team will play the other seven in the group in a series of best of ones. Following from this the top four teams of each group will proceed to a single elimination bracket which we will play out on the 17th of November. This is of course subject to change once we have further information on the amount of teams playing.

We fully expect that this tournament will fill up quickly so if you and your team definitely want to play we would suggest you sign up sooner rather than later, to avoid disappointment. are looking forward to seeing some promising up and coming UK players and teams which we will hope to go on to accomplish great things!

Plantronics were kind enough to once again provide us with some awesome prizes:

1st Place: 5 x RIG Headsets
2nd Place: 5 x GameCom 380 Headsets

Below is the boring yet very important part the rules. (i.e. if you are taking part, read them)

You’ll find the registration link at the bottom of the article.

The Plantronics Open Rules

Ripexz and HolyCupcake will be the lead admins for this event, unless otherwise stated on the day of the event.

Team composition
Each team must use the roster provided on the registration form, if one of the main players is not available, a standin may be chosen from the three standins declared on registration.
At least 3 out of 5 active players must be from or resident in the UK or Ireland.
No more than 2 of the chosen standins can be used at once, i.e. there must be at least 3 players from the original roster.
All rosters will be verified before the games start.

Tagging & Ingame Names
Each team is expected to use an ingame Dota 2 Team in each lobby, the games will not start until each is set. This is particularly important for the games being casted.
All players are expected to display their standard team tags/aliases.

Check in
Before each game Captains will be expected to be in contact with an Admin.
Each team is expected to be available and ready 10-15 minutes before their game start time.

Lobby settings
During group stages, lobbies will be created by the team in the top of the bracket/group.
In the finals, the lobbies will be set up by the staff of and the players will be invited to join.

Lobby settings shall be as follows:
Server: Luxembourg
Game type: Captain’s Mode
Version: Tournament
Spectators: Enabled
In-game Dota TV delay: 2 minutes.

No-one may join the lobby apart from players, casters, admins, staff of and sponsors.

Game Rules
Games are to start within 5 minutes of scheduled time.
Anyone caught abusing a bug will be disqualified from the tournament on the spot. Usage of any tools out of game are strictly forbidden and will result in instant disqualification.
Any abuse from players to another team or admins will result in infractions for the duration of the tournament, multiple infractions will result in disqualification in the tournament.
We would prefer if teams didn’t speak to each other within the actual game unless it’s ‘sorry i’m lagging, ready? etc’.

The team on the top of the bracket/group match will be Radiant, the team on the Bottom will be dire. First pick will go to the Radiant.

In the case of BO3s, the teams will reverse in the second game and the third will be a coin flip.
Radiant will always have first pick.

Pauses must only be used in case of emergency, any pauses that go over 5 minutes will then be followed by admin interaction on a case by case basis.

The admins retain the right to change these rules, we will inform you of any changes as they happen.


By registering you declare that you and your team have read and understood the rules of the tournament and will adhere to them.
Note: Registration closes on Wednesday, the 30th October. Schedule will be released shortly after.

PA art by Adam Wood


  • Falvon | 7 years ago

    I have registered TorN :)

  • FluentDeath | 7 years ago

    i registered hydra, how do we know if we are in?

  • Ripexz | 7 years ago

    @Hydra.Dynasties We'll make an announcement once all slots are filled, so you're in!

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