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The Plantronics Invitational Finals this Sunday

Plantronics Invitational

The finals of the Plantronics Invitational is upon us. Eight of the best teams in the UK have been reduced to two. rOtK will be taking on Wat a Stack; the victor will be taking home £150 in cash, five Plantronics Gamecom 780 headsets and five copies of Creative Assembly's excellent Rome II Total War and the upcoming add on Greek States. However the runner up will not go home empty handed for their valiant efforts they will receive £50 in cash and five Plantronics Gamecom 380 headsets.




06/10 17:00 BST

Wat A Stack



Last weekend we saw Naix on a Plane fall to Wat a Stack and Reason Gaming being taken out by rOtK. If you missed the action you can find the battle reports here.

The final will begin at 17:00 BST brought to you on Multiplay's Channel cast by Mr.Blakadder and durka with kitkat on ingame statistics. 

Previously We have seen that rOtK seem to enjoy a more aggressive line up, favouring heroes such as Puck, Rubick and Troll Warlord, will we get to see more stelar play with these heroes or will they be banned by Wat a Stack. Wat a stack have repeated less heroes, but have played one less game than rOtK so we are curious to see if they have any intriguing strategies saved for the finals.

Will Wat a Stack be able to continue their streak without a loss or will rOtK be able to triumph after fighting their way through Infused. Who will reign victorious In the timeless words of Harry Hill: There is only one way to find out, FIGHT!! Join us for some of the best Dota we have seen from UK teams.


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