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Plantronics GameCom Cup Series Concludes!

Plantronics Gamecom Cup Series

The Plantronic GameCom Cup Series hosted by Multiplay in partnership with has concluded. Our victors and winners of the GameCom 780 headsets were One Trick Pony! They also enjoyed a hefty £100 from this cup alone followed by our runners-up who were RP who won £50. We would also like to congratulate RP on their sponsor as they are now known as n!faculty!


A lot of teams really stood out during the course of the 4 cups and the top 8 in terms of points are as follows:

1st – One Trick Pony with 215
2nd – Bizoni with 195
3rd – n!Faculty with 190
4th – Typical Mistakes with 170 (Now disbanded)
5th – SteffStyle +4 with 170
6th – DTS2010 with 90
7th – Komanda_5 with 85
8th – Slayer with 75

With prize money break down following as such:

One Trick Pony: £180
n!Faculty: £100
Bizoni: £100
Typical Mistakes: £100
SteffStyle +4: £100

Please be sure to check out Insomnia 49 and epic.ELEVEN as we hope to see you playing at both of these LAN events. You will also have a chance to meet the rest of the UKDota community as well as enjoy a weekend of great Dota 2 entertainment!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the tournament giving us a great month of Dota 2 action and we wish every team who will be attending i49 and epic.ELEVEN the best of luck on their journey in the UKDota 2 scene.


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