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The Plantronics Invitational Round 2

Plantronics Invitational

The Plantronics Invitational continues this Sunday! With the biggest prize pool has ever been able to offer online and the cream of the UK scene invited, this is sure to be massive.  This weekend we’ll see the semi-finals play out across two games and not wanting you to miss out on any of the action, they’ll be played one by one, every single match streamed live and commented by Blakadder and durka on the Multiplay stream. Here's a quick round up:




Match One.




29/09 15:00 BST

Naix on a Plane

Wat A Stack


It was definately a masterful performance coming out from Wat A Stack in their game vs TmF Gaming, only giving away kills with un-needed dives and trying to win fights with inferior numbers. We should see Wat A Stack taking this game a bit more seriously and auto pilot their way to victory. Their only worry being, and I quote, 'If Rime tilts.' Naix's players will need to put on a show to win this game, just the sort of show we like to see at

Blakadder & durka's prediction: Naix on a Plane 0 : 2 Wat A Stack


Match Two.




29/09 18:00 BST


Reason Gaming


rOtK shocked a lot of our viewers with what could be described as a brushing aside of Team Infused although the same can be said of Reason's handling of Fullstop, an arguement won't be made as to who had the easier first round. With rOtK playing the standard map control dota, will it be enough versus Reason with their buckets full of experience. rOtK has the stronger hero pool and are likely to switch it up in the face of a struggle. Can Dread keep his teams impressive run of not dropping matches vs UK sides or will rOtK be David to their Goliath?

Blackadder & durka's prediction: rOtK 2 : 1 Reason Gaming


These games will be broadcast on Multiplay's channel starting at 14:45 BST on Sunday 29/09. The winners of both these games will confirm their prize winning status, cementing their claims to the five Plantronics GameCom 380s & £50. That isn't the end as we'll have a gruelling best of five series between the winners of this Sunday's games. The winners of which will take away five Plantronics GameCom 780s, £150 & as a right of passage for their superior tactical display, five copies of Rome II Total War & Greek States Pack pre-order DLC courtesy of The Creative Assembly.

We hope to see you supporting your favourites this weekend on the live stream.

Completely off topic we'd like to congratulate UKDota's very own Maccy on his engagement!


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