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The Plantronics Invitational Play-day Two!

Plantronics Invitational

The Plantronics Invitational continues today with our second set of best of three games, the winners of this tournament will walk away with £150 in cash, five Plantronics Gamecom 780s and five copies of The Creative Assembly's Rome II Total War + Greek States pre-order DLC.

The second place runner up won't be leaving us empty handed, we've got £50 in cash and five Plantronics Gamecom 380s up for grabs.

Yesterday we saw two clean slates from both Naix on a Plane and Wat A Stack solidifying their respective advancements in anticipation of their game next Sunday. More on yesterdays games can be found here.

Today's games kick off at 16:00 BST brought to you on Multiplay's Channel cast by Mr.Blakadder & durka with kitkat on ingame statistics.

Proceedings will continue today with rOtK versus Team Infused following this first best of three will be our second game at 19:00 BST with Reason Gaming vs Fullstop, some insight and history can be found in our articles which were released this earlier this week.

We hope to see both new faces and old cheering on both sides today and wish the competitors the best of luck.

Other time zones are 17:00 CEST, 08:00 PDT, 12:00 EDT & 02:00 AEST.



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