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The Plantronics Invitational Matchups

Plantronics Invitational

The Plantronics Invitational starts in just a day! With the biggest prize pool has ever been able to offer online and the cream of the UK scene invited, this is sure to be massive.  This weekend we’ll see the round of eight play out across four games and not wanting you to miss out on any of the action, they’ll be played one by one, every single match streamed live and commented by Blakadder and durka on the Multiplay stream. Here’s a quick roundup of the round of eight matches:

Saturday's Games:




21/09 16:00 BST

Naix on a Plane

Smackdown Syndrome


SdS have proved their worth lately in both the Insomnia qualifiers and the event itself, valiant appearance in the longest game of the LAN versus Karnage eSports, but Naix’s players have a history of playing aggressive line-ups - will they take Smackdown Syndrome apart before they really have a chance to get going? Stephen11’s drafting always brings something to the game.




21/09 19:00 BST

TmF Gaming

Wat A Stack


TmF took epic.ELEVEN by storm, not even needing sleep to take the top spot but Wat A Stack have a more recent win under their belt at Campus Party. Solid teamplay on both sides means that this battle of LAN winners is going to come down to individual player skill. TmF’s support crew can really shake up the field when they get roaming.


Sunday's Games:




22/09 16:00 BST


Team Infused


rOtK aren’t a team that we’ve seen a lot of this Summer, while Infused (formerly BBQ Chicken eSports) have become stars of the scene, finding their way into Pyrion and durka’s casting booth at Insomnia 49 and taking 2nd place at Campus Party. This is the first time we’ll see them wearing the red and black jerseys, so you can be sure they’ll be working hard to impress their brand new sponsor. Keep an eye out for Cook’s invoker, or more likely, what gets into the draft as a result of invoker getting banned out early!





22/09 19:00 BST

Reason Gaming



Reason Gaming are coming off an incredible performance at Insomnia 49, brought down only by against All authority, while Fullstop are the newest team to arrive on the UK scene. Don’t write them off just yet, though: there’s a lot of individual experience here and they’re sure to put up a fight. With Ichigo on the field, mid lane will be the one to watch.


We hope you all tune in this weekend, for what we're sure to be an action packed series of games.


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