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The Plantronics Invitational Brackets released!

Plantronics Invitational

Today we release the brackets for The Plantronics Invitational, featuring eight of the best teams in the UK competing for pride and prizes provided by Plantronics and The Creative Assembly. This competition is brought to you in association with Multiplay and will be an eight team single elimination event cast over the coming weekends.

The winners of this event will walk away with our sponsored prizes by Plantronics & The Creative Assembly who've provided us with £200 cash, five Gamecom 780s, five Gamecom 380s headsets & 5 copies of Rome II Total War + Greek States Culture pack respectively.

We're looking forward to the live coverage beginning this Saturday the 21st of September, over at with all the action covered by our casting team featuring Mr.Blakadderdurka and kitkat.

If the teams have been bucking up on their Ab urbe condita tactics we should be in for a treat!


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