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sowarcraft3 drop out of The Plantronics Invitiational.

Plantronics Invitational

Sadly this evening we've received the word that the sowarcraft3 roster featuring; Alex, Craig, Luke, PaulGG & Zied will be pulling out of the event. In their stead will be the Campus Party LAN winners 'Wat A Stack' featuring two of the Dotatalk winning Reason Gaming side.

Among one of the first eight teams invited to the event they were passed over due to miscommunication between the team and our admin staff at, the confusion has been clarified and the team reclaim their rightful spot in the invitational.

Wat A Stack are:

Wat A Stack
Thom, Fowdall, Jack, Rime & Welp. 

Team Drama; This is the squad that won Campus Party, the biggest prize pool in UKDota so far. Thom & Jack hark back in UK Dota history being members of the Reason Gaming squad that won the first UK Dota 2 LAN event with Jack setting a rather disgusting KD on LAN with his Queen of Pain performances. This is a side of 'Firsts', each player quite capable of saying they were the first to do something in the UK scene, Thom & Jack with both Online & LAN victories, Fowdall and Welp winning their first LAN attendance and Rime being the first and only person capable of getting himself banned twice.


Make sure to tune in this weekend to see if this team can be the first team to take an invite only event.


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