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The Plantronics Invitational

Plantronics Invitational are proud to announce 'The Plantronics Invitational', featuring eight of the best UK teams competing for pride and prizes provided by Plantronics and The Creative Assembly. This competition is brought to you in association with Multiplay and will be an eight team single elimination event cast over the coming weekends.

The teams:


Reason Gaming
DreadKnight, 1cHiGo_, Antab, Infernokoi & Mute242.

The Insomnia 49 LAN finalists return, facing positional changes with Antab moving from the hard carry role to offlane and Infernokoi taking up the farming mantle. They didn't drop a game at Insomnia 49 versus UK sides but felt the change was needed due to their inability to assert their dominance over against All authority. Moving from strength to strength in the UK circuit we'll discover if this change really does the business.


SmackDownSyndrome (SdS)
Simba, Geid, Mike, PuK & Steve.

Simba's pride proving's predictions right, dropping out of Insomnia 49 just outside of the prize pool due to a lack of discipline and a big performance from Karnage in the lower bracket. We both know they're more than capable of huge performances on the day but the effort isn't put in the rest of the time, our personal favourite mix team, the hontrash stars return for another shot at gold in a event.


TmF Gaming
NepaliiJesus, Koyukai, Peo, ioN & Betu.KS.

The Nepalese, one of few teams with a 1st place LAN win under their belt struggled to make a mark at Insomnia 49 dropping out at a respectable but realistically disappointing 7th-8th at Insomnia 49. The boys keep to themselves mostly and i'm sure they're kicking themselves after their performances in recent weeks. Here's hoping they come back swinging. 


Shoe, Hadz, Moomin, Music & Proc.

Shoe's new attempt at the big league, originally a part of the first UK Reason squad as they were getting picked up by the organisation, differences in the team saw him departing less than a month before Dotatalk. After recently attending Campus party with an aspiring mix that were shut down by Infused, he's decided to have a poke at gold again featuring well known faces such as Hadz & Moomin, this team will be pushing for a good placement.


Team Infused
Tyrox, Cook, Elya, tone & Richie.

The newly picked up Infused team known by the moniker BBQ Chicken eSports or BCE are here to strut their mettle, finishing 3rd & 2nd at Insomnia 49 and Campus Party respectively. The new kids on the block mean business giving against All authority a wake up call during the group stages of Insomnia 49 as one nameless person will be quoted 'That just happened.' We're looking forward to watching this team grow and tournaments like this is where they'll spread their wings.


Alex, Craig, Luke, PaulGG & Zied.

PaulGPM's farm platoon, listless that they were unable to at least put in a good fight at Insomnia 49 before being relinquished to the bench by Reason in lower bracket, featuring some decisively questionable skill builds on Weaver. They've been on hiatus after LAN and haven't been putting the hours in, maybe a short sharp shock will wake them from their slumber, capable of an upset with a chance of rain.


Rikzu, FLN, Mawe, Muz & zoG.

The rOtK fan club, not many of you will know these guys, stricken with the inability to fill holes in their roster since as long as we've known them. They used to represent The Last Resort for what felt like a heartbeat but again roster issues quashed any plans they'd put afoot. Of all UK-esque sides these guys got the furthest in our Russki cousins Starladder.


Naix on a plane
stephen11, Dacster, FANG[FON]LS, PainxD & w'll.

The Pain Train, featuring two ex Reason captains and an ex Enigma captain. Playing under the best team name known to man and looking for gold. If experience is anything to go by they've got it by the buckets although a lackadaisical approach to practice and serious dota doesn't help their cause.


The schedule:

No two games will overlap meaning all the action will be covered live on Multiplay's channel.

Brackets will be released on Wednesday the 18th of September, allowing for a full schedule to be published.

Games will begin on Saturday the 21st of September 16:00 BST with our first two best of three games, followed by two further best of three games at 16:00 BST on Sunday the 22nd of September.

There will then be a weeks break before the next two best of threes which will begin at 15:00 BST on Sunday the 29th of September, followed by another break for the Grand final best of five series starting at 17:00 BST on Sunday the 6th of October.

All games will be brought you by our casting team of Mr.Blakadderdurka and our new addition doing ingame statistics kitkat.

The prizes:

This tournament is sponsored by Plantronics who've provided us with £200 cash, five Gamecom 780s and five Gamecom 380s headsets.

The Creative Assembly have also given us five copies of their newest in the long line of Total War series; Rome II Total War and the pre-order bonus DLC, Greek States Culture pack. The British developers return to sequel a game many of us hold dear to heart, harking back to Ab urbe condita hopefully we'll see some 'Et tu, Brute?' upsets in this tournament.

Prize breakdown:

1st place:

£150 + 5 Plantronics Gamecom 780 headets & 5 copies of Rome II Total War + Greek States Culture pack.

2nd place:

£50 + 5 Plantronics Gamecom 380 headets.

We at would like to wish the best of luck to all participants!


  • Weggy | 7 years ago

    Looking forward to it :)

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