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Insomnia 49 has come to an end!

Insomnia Light on dark

Insomnia 49, the UK's biggest gaming festival has come to an end once again. There was a great turnout at the weekend long event and although we ran into some problems during day 2, everyone had fun at the event.

Today was the final day of the event and the finals for the Dota2 tournament was played between against All authority the French favourites and Reason Gaming. aAa began the series with a 1-0 advantage in the BO5 as they reached the finals via the Upper Bracket and it was up to Reason to win 3 games to take the victory.

The team that came out on top to take home a prize of £1,250 as well as 5 gaming mice awarded by Shogun Bros was... against All authority! They defeated Reason gaming 3-1 in the BO5 series. The first game went to aAa as they took an early advantage against Reason by getting a triple kill on their Gyrocoptor before the creeps had even spawned. Then they continued to wreak havoc on Reason as their Earthshaker pick hard countered Reason's heavy pushing lineup.

Reason needed to step up their game, and they really did. In game 2 aAa went for Na'vi's renowned Fountain Hook strategy but Reason remained cool and collected to eventually break Tinker's march of the machines to take the game. The final game was looking really good for Reason after they got a lot of early kills and managed to stay ahead in the kills through the early game however aAa went with some unusual lanes which in the end was the right decision as they sacrificed the Lifestealer but his incredible farming in the mid game brought him back up to speed and went on alongside Lone Druid and Shadow Fiend to outcarry Reason. Reason don't leave Insomnia 49 empty handed though as they go away with a satisfying £625.

The final standings were as follows;

  • 1st. against All authority - £1250 and 5 Shogun Bros mice
  • 2nd. Reason Gaming - £625
  • 3rd. BBQ Chicken E-Sports - £425
  • 4th. Karnage e-Sports - £200
  • 5-6th. SmackdownSyndrome
  • 5-6th. sowarcraft3
  • 7-8th. Team KEGS
  • 7-8th. TmF Gaming

Big thanks to both of our casters PyrionFlax and Durka who gave us great entertainment and great drunk casting also; You can follow both of them on twitter @PyrionFlax and @durkadota.

Thank you to Multiplay for continuing to host this amazing festival for all of us to enjoy. As this was their first time running Dota 2 as a paid tournament at Insomnia we'd just like to say thank you to everyone who participated, both sponsored teams and friendly stacks.

We hope to see everyone come to Insomnia 50 which is in a few months and we hope everyone had a great time at Insomnia 49 - Thank you!


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