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Multiplay's Insomnia 49 - The Grand Final

Insomnia Light on dark

The moment we've all been waiting for, The Grand Final of Insomnia 49's Dota 2 Tournament, against All authority versus Reason Gaming.

We'll be bringing you all the games live from 10:30 BST (11:30 CEST) at cast by our favourites PyrionFlax & durka.








against All authority;

SEVtm, BanZ, Sky, SpidaH & VladTepez

Reason Gaming;

DreadKnight, Antab, 1cHiGo_, Infernokoi & Mute242.


aAa are formerly imaGinary Gaming from France who have returned to the UK for a second LAN event (yeah, a French team have attended more UK Lans then some of you.) where they'll be looking at a repeat performance of epicTENs near perfect run of only losing one game. They've lost their game here in the first day of groups vs fan favourites BBQ Chicken E-sports so they'll be looking at taking this in straight sets.

Reason are the latest in the organisations bouncy castle of rosters, only coming together rather recently after the scuttling over the previous line-up. Half of this team aren't LAN tested in Dota and it really showed how on the tilt they played in the UB game vs aAa yesterday after the DDoS delays. If Dreads managed to make them play their own Dota and not be Feedlords they'll not go down without a fight.

Naturally this is UKDota and Reason are the UK side, teams not getting 100% behind them will be treated as deserters and shot.

We wish both teams the best of luck during the finals, who knows, maybe this could be DreadKnight's Waterloo and not a repeat of the French epicTEN performance of... (I just tried to google Napoleonic victories over the British.) 


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