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Multiplay's Insomnia 49 - Elimination Bracket

Insomnia Light on dark

This is the true test of teams mettle, mistakes and slip ups here cost games and thus prize money. The bracket is double elimination meaning you've got two chances in the real slugfest of best of three games.

The Brackets: 

All the games will be cast here and because of the elimination element of the tournament it is impossible for me to provide a pre-set schedule (which then changes any way), I can however reveal that the first game to be cast will be sowc3 vs Celebrity. would like to wish the best of luck to all teams remaining in the tournament and we're looking forward to sitting with our Sunday lunch in our Sunday best (read bathrobe) listening to Pyrion & durka casting whilst staring at an overlay.


All Insomnia 49 matches

Insomnia Gaming Festival



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