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Tyrox: An Interview With the Captain of BBQ Chicken E-Sports

Insomnia Light on dark

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Tyrox the captain of BBQ Chicken E-Sports; who despite being new to the competitive scene have completed group stages as Insomnia 49 with no losses. Which is really exciting for this young team. 

Patters: Hi, Tyrox, How are you doing?

Tyrox: Just Went 6-0, not bad, not bad.


Patters: Coming out of your group first (uncontested). Other than that have you been having a good experience at insomnia?

Tyrox: Yeah it’s awesome, we came to the last one, but there wasn’t a proper Dota 2 tournament. So we were excited that there was a big one this time.


Patters: Other than the internet dropping has anything else negatively affected your iseries experience?

Tyrox: It was fine, even the internet failing didn’t affect us as it wasn’t during any of our games.


Patters: I hear that you haven’t been together for long as a team, how long have you guys been playing together?

Tyrox: We’ve been playing together as friends for a while, but not competitively in captain's mode. We’ve had a lot of practise in a short amount of time to practise for iseries.


Patters: How long have you been playing Dota? 

Tyrox: I must have been playing since I was 13 or 14 on Warcraft III, so 5 or 6 years. We’ve been playing for ages.


Patters: Who’s your favourite hero?

Tyrox: Puck, definitely.


Patters: You like a little bit of a Faerie Dragon, any particular reason why?

Tyrox: His phase shift which can make opponents waste spells, which is awesome. Along with the rest of his spells makes him a great mid character. He’s my hero!


Patters: How confident are you for tomorrow?

Tyrox: We’re feeling alright about tomorrow. There are a few teams which we are looking out for. There are a couple of teams using strategies which we are a little worried about. Overall though we are pretty confident we can go far!


Patters: Is there anything you want to improve on from today?

Tyrox: Nah, today went really well in terms of everyone performing to their best. We just need to keep playing consistently.


Patters: Any particular strategies you want to run tomorrow? If you don’t want to reveal anything then that it fine.

Tyrox: Well, I want to pick Pudge, but I’m not allowed, my team shout at me. We picked invoker twice, and then he’s been banned every single game since.


Patters: Who’s your favourite professional team and professional player?

Tyrox: Any team except Alliance, they ruined Dota 2. All Dota 2 is now is split pushing. My least favourite player Admiral Bulldog.


Patters: That’s a little odd, why don’t you like split pushing?

Tyrox: Split pushing is a nightmare, it’s all about team fights. We just like team fights, the excitement of it all. There’s no feeling like it when you pull off that perfect team fight.


Patters: Any final words?

Tyrox: Keep keep your eyes open for us, we aren’t going anywhere. We’re going to get bigger and bigger!

I’d like to wish BBQ Chicken E-Sports good luck tomorrow and I’m excited to see them in other upcoming tournaments, hopefully even The International 4!

BBQ Chicken E-Sports comprises of:

  • Tyrox
  • Tone
  • Elya
  • Cook
  • Richie


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