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Insomnia Dota 2 - All The Facts

Insomnia Light on dark

One week to go until the biggest event of the year!  There’s a £2,000 prize pool on the cards for Dota 2 at the moment, rising to £2,500 if a few more teams sign up, and a whole host of other cool stuff going on at the festival, so I thought I’d better fill you in on all the important stuff.

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Thursday: Early Arrival

If you’ve paid for it, you can turn up on Thursday night and get a few extra hours of LAN in.  We’ll be on the i49 in-game channel and the guild chat, so come and say hi. 

Friday: Chill Day

Games running all day - check out the guild or in-game channel i49 for in-houses and other stuff.

The event officially starts today, so check out all the action for all the games at

20:00: Community meet-up in the Ludlow Bar (That’s the big bar by the main entrance!) 

Saturday: Group stages

The Dota 2 tournament kicks off!  We’ll be broadcasting all day with Pyrion Flax and Durka on the Multiplay streams - don’t miss it.

10:30: Tournament briefing in the Ludlow Bar

11:00: Games start

21:00: Pub quiz 

Sunday: Double Elimination Brackets / Intermediate tournament

Today it gets serious for the teams who make it through groups. If you didn’t make it, you can enter our intermediate tournament to win a set of 5 tickets to Insomnia 50.

10:00: Games start for both tournaments. 

Monday: Finals

Dota 2’s first appearance on the big stage at Insomnia! We know it’s Monday, but get yourselves out of bed for this one and cheer for the teams.

11:00: Finals

16:00: Event closes


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