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The Multiplay Insomnia 49 Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier Concludes!

Insomnia49 Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier

The Online Qualifier for the much anticipated Insomnia Gaming Festival has concluded. With the champions, Reason Gaming, fighting their way to earn 5 Plantronic GameCom 780 headsets and 5 BYOC tickets to Insomnia 49. They defeated Pause PLZ in the finals with an astounding victory of 2-0 in the Best of 3, showing some incredibly scary Outworld Destroyer play from 1chigo who was definitely my MVP for the grand final. Pause PLZ didn’t go away empty handed however, as they won 5 Plantronic Gamecom 380 headsets. You can view the VODs of the winner’s bracket finals and the grand finals here.

We would like to thank everyone who tuned in to watch the Online Qualifier and for your support to aswell as Plantronic’s for providing us with top quality headsets to reward the best teams.

We hope to see many of you at Insomnia 49 where you can meet the players and members of the community, coupled with the chance to win even more prizes but for now, enjoy the International!


  • awrqertfsd | 8 years ago

    Strongly agree; 1cHiGo_ was definitely MVP imho. I mean, who goes zero deaths!?!!? Definitely something to be talked about right there!
    +1 Gold shiny star for 1cHiGo_ MVP player leading the team to victory!!
    But ofc, well done sticker's also awarded to his four other team members who played a big part in the overall victory.
    Nice one, Reason Gaming! Keep it up! 3:

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