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Insomnia49 Qualifier Finals

Insomnia49 Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier

While the Dota world turns its mighty head to Seattle for the International weekend, we will be warming up the day with the finals of the Insomnia49 Online Qualifiers. After three long weeks of intense matches, both anticipated stomps and surprises, just six teams retain the possibility of taking first prize.

The games start at 11am on the 3rd of August and will be finished before The International broadcast begins. Casting will be on the multiplay twitch channel with Mr Blakadder and Durka here :

The overall first place will receive both tickets to Insomnia49 or Insomnia50 and five Plantronic GameCom 780 Headsets. The runners up will take away five Plantronic GameCom 380 headsets.

In the winners bracket:

Reason Gaming
Tranny D
Smackdown Syndrome
PAUSE PLZ; I'm lagging.

In the losers bracket:

BBQ Chicken e-sports


As the excitement grows for  the biggest tournament in e-sports history, warm up your fantastic weekend of Dota with the qualifiers for Multiplay's UK Festival.


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