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Insomnia 49 Dota 2 UK Quals Round of 16 Results

Insomnia49 Dota 2 UK Online Qualifier

A long weekend of exciting games saw the top 16 teams battle for their place in the winner bracket semi-final. With only six teams making it through Sunday afternoon, the stakes were high and the games were tense.


After two rounds, the best four teams emerged as 'Reason Gaming,' 'Tranny D,' 'Smackdown Syndrome' and 'PAUSE PLZ; I'm lagging. Tranny D had the easiest run of the day, receiving a default win against Gen1us's and beating down Escaped Goats.

Smackdown Syndrome were perhaps the surprise of the day, with their carry displaying some extremely dedicated farming. Notably in their first match the radiance Phantom Lancer maintained 850 gpm over 45 minutes. If he isn’t shut down in the following rounds, he could carry his team a long way.

Pause Plz I'm lagging played a long match against their first opponent, PPD as their farmed Alchemist and rapier Kunkka eventually broke through in a gold starved game. Their second opponents quickly crumbled against an unconventional Weaver & Timbersaw lineup, as BBQ Chicken e-Sports bowed out after just 21 minutes with the score at 27-7. Notable performances from the beyond godlike Totobro and K!!

As anticipated, Reason Gaming had a fairly easy time of it moving through two simple games against 'TmF' and 'Karnage E-sports'. 1chiGo was perhaps the star performer in both matches, with most kills and cs in both games playing middle.

Two teams are trying to make it the long way through, after playing four games on Sunday back to back to make their way through the losers bracket. BBQ Chicken and gen1us's have both made it to the losers round of 4, but to make it to round 5 they will still have to beat two of the current winners semi finalists. After falling out having just made it through the group stages, this is a difficult task indeed.

This coming weekend, the 3rd of August will see Reason Gaming vs Tranny D and SdS vs PPIL in the winners bracket, with the losers playing in the loser bracket immediately afterwards, while the winners play their match to qualify for the overall finals.

Can anyone stop Reason Gaming? Can gen1us's make it all the way through the losers bracket after being defaulted into the lower bracket? Can references to Danny D be exhausted anymore? Join us next week for another day of entertaining games.



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